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How to keep mice and rats out of your garage.

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How to keep mice and rats out of your garage.

Mouse-proof your garage today!

A rodent-proof garage is a rarity in Connecticut, but not if you’re a previous Atbay customer!

As winter arrives in Connecticut, mice and rats start to infest homes and garages more and more.  In this article I will discuss the secret to a mouse-proof garage (rat-proof too)!

They have no ill intentions, but these inhabitants can cause major damage! From classic cars to custom Harleys, no space is off-limits to mice they will nest anywhere!

Atbay can fix any garage door vulnerability!  To mouse proof homes (or businesses) Atbay must often repair and adjust a variety of over-head garage doors! There is absolutely no reason to live with mice getting in your garage.  But if you insist (or are renting), I will share a few quick pointers… Is your motorcycle mouse-proof for the winter?  In Connecticut it is not uncommon for mice to nest in the exhaust of an over-wintering motorcycle.

  • Quick tip: Temporarily plug up your exhaust (remember to remove it come spring time), you can use steel wool or similar just pack it tight enough to last a few months.
How do you keep mice out of your car?
Well again, call Atbay and keep rodents out of your garage in the first place!  Atbay has innovative rodent control methods to prevent mice from entering cars parked outside. Contact Atbay for more information.
But maybe you park outside, or you live in a barn, so for you fine folks…I indulge.
Never, I repeat, Never, use poison in or around your garage!  The reasons are vast, but simply, mice may die in your car.
  • Quick Tip: If parking outside, be mindful of any… piles of wood, rock walls, landscape timbers, etc.  These will attract rodents to your car, or provide mice cover, as they explore and infest your vehicle.
  • Quick Tip: Do move the car every week, or as often as possible.

Remember, Atbay specializes in keeping mice and rats out; your garage is no exception!

Check out the garage below which was mouse-proofed by Atbay shortly after its construction…

This next video shows a garage Atbay mouse-proofed after the fact and the damage that can be caused to exotic cars by mice.